Today is Monday October 22, 2018


Some Self-Storage Guidelines

If you have a garage that’s overflowing or you simply need more space, a storage unit may be the right thing for you. But just what can you store in a storage unit?

Keep in mind that every storage company has their own set of rules and regulations for what you can store and what you can’t. In preparing to purchase a unit, make a preliminary list of what you plan on storing there. If you’re not sure whether a particular item can be stored, you can always call ahead of time to find out.

Vehicles can generally be stored, so long as they are registered, insured, and in operating condition. However, you usually cannot store more than four tires in a unit because of the cost of disposing of them.

Combustibles, including gas and other inherently dangerous chemicals are usually not allowed.

Perishable food products and animal products are not allowed.

Aside from these, most storage companies are pretty flexible. Old furniture, art supplies, games, etc., are perfect for storage. Think of your unit as an extra garage or shed and you’ll bring a new freshness to your home.


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