Today is Sunday October 21, 2018


Basic Storage Facility Rules

While storage units are an excellent option for storing your belongings, it’s important to remember that not everything can be stored in a unit. You can pick the size of your storage unit, the style, and sometimes its location, but you must consider that each storage facility has its own restrictions. Here are a few basic storage facility no-no’s.

Combustible, flammable, or hazardous material cannot be stored in storage facilities. They are considered inherently dangerous and include things like gasoline, narcotics, chemicals, and any type of toxic or biological waste. Fireworks, guns, and ammunition should also not be stored in units.

On the other hand, tires and vehicles are generally accepted if registered and insured. Pharmaceutical supplies can sometimes be kept in the units for business people who need extra storage, as are construction supplies. However, rules on these items can vary, so ask the storage-facility if it’s ok.

Perishable items should not be kept in the storage units. Things like cereal, meat, and most drinks can attract pests or spoil. While canned goods are allowed, it’s important to keep the units clean and pest-free.


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