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Saving Time and Energy While Storing

Packing is a hassle, no matter how organized you are or how early you start. But following these expert moving tips will make the process much less of a hassle and will save you time and effort.

Old, worn-out boxes can cause more problems than they prevent. But space bags are ideal for keeping big items protected while also saving room. They’re perfect for big, seasonal clothing, pillows, comforters, and blankets. These items shrink to practically nothing, making them lighter and saving a ton of room.

Dishes and kitchen utensils are some of the hardest and most troublesome things to pack. Wine boxes alleviate a bit of the trouble. Local stores often have wine boxes that you can ask for, sturdy boxes that often contain pided compartments perfect for glasses and cups. And unpacking kitchen supplies sooner rather than later often saves a lot of money on take out.

If you have a floor plan, draw it out and post each room’s floor plan on the room’s door. This will save you and your movers the trouble of having to figure out what goes where. Pack up your van in the order that you want your furniture taken out so that there are no struggles when taking out the furniture. Appropriate a space in your new home where you want the boxes to be placed so that your house starts out clean.

Finally, label. Labeling is a basic step in packing, but aside from labeling boxes “fragile” and “bedroom,” be more specific. Label the order in which the boxes should be unpacked so that you save time trying to figure out which box to begin with. The more specific you are the better.


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