Today is Sunday October 21, 2018


Options in Self-Storage

Choosing the right type of storage unit can make a difference in the quality storage your items receive, as well as in the pricing and features you ultimately get. Here are a few options that may be right for you.

Indoor storage units are popular with:

  • Customers who prefer to store their belongings in a house-like setting rather than a garage
  • Pharmaceutical representatives, antiques dealers, and those with electronics, artwork or other valuable items who require a climate-controlled environment

Outdoor Storage Units are popular with:

  • Landscaping businesses that haul equipment with trailers
  • Short haul trucking companies
  • Individuals and business owners in metropolitan areas where convenient parking is at a premium

Drive-up units are popular with:

  • Businesses as a way of expanding their square footage for storage of files, equipment, etc.
  • Retail stores for storage of seasonal inventory, signage, etc.
  • Storage of cars, small-engine vehicles, tools, furniture, appliances and anything else that might be stored in a garage

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