Today is Sunday October 21, 2018


Before You Move

If you’re moving, then you no doubt have many things on your mind. But preparing for the physicality of the move can be as important as the move itself. Being prepared helps ensure an efficient and organized move and will keep you in a good mood. These items are things people typically neglect or forget altogether until they are on the road. By using this list you will be on top of those small things that can sneak up on a family who already has too many things to be mindful of during their move.

Grocery Store: Don’t go to the grocery store for anything other than essentials; begin paring down your home food supply.

Maps: Gather maps that will get you where you need to go.

Drive the Route: If you are doing an in-town move, drive the route first to see if your truck will have clearance issues.

Road Construction: Call/search the web to find out if there will be construction on the roads you will be traveling.

Foods to Pack: If you are moving yourself, pack foods that have high-water content like grapes, oranges, apples, etc. These foods will keep you hydrated so that you don’t have to drink so many liquids. This will reduce the number of times you will have to stop for restroom breaks.

Car Entertainment: Bring games in the car so family and children can entertain themselves.


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