Today is Sunday October 21, 2018


Move Yourself or Hire a Mover?

While those who are rolling in money probably won’t have a difficult time deciding whether or not to hire movers, the rest of us are stuck with the same choice every time we relocate. Of course, picking up and settling in will produce fewer backaches if you hire movers, but the price tag and the added worry of whether or not your movers will be careful with your belongings can sure add to the headaches.

If keeping your move affordable is your only concern, than renting a truck and moving your own possessions is by far the best option. However, long distance moves are stressful; though hiring movers is often double or triple the cost of renting a truck, those who have gotten a good moving company and report a good experience will tell you that it is well worth every penny. On the other hand, those who hire movers that are careless or less than reliable will have a very different take on the matter. The bottom line: moving yourself is significantly cheaper for long distances, so if you’re going to pay for movers, it is in your best interests to find a reputable company.


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