Today is Monday October 22, 2018


More Storage Tips

Moving and storage are two sides of the same coin. Chances are if you’re moving, you have to put some of your stuff in storage. And unless you’re paying the moving company extra to use their storage building, chances are you’re going to have to rent a self-storage unit.

Here are some tips that may help you tackle the self-storage process.

  1. Leverage the cubic volume (height) of your space by stacking boxes. Don’t stack higher than you can reach, place heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack and don’t overpack or underpack your boxes. Overpacked boxes lead to bulging and underpacked boxes can lead to crushing. Either condition will greatly affect your ability to stack your boxes safely.
  2. Store valuable items toward the back of the storage unit in unmarked containers. Thieves will typically not take the time to go through your entire storage unit to find you valuables. In fact, consider not putting your valuables in storage in the first place.
  3. Clean out any refrigerators or freezers and let them dry before putting them into storage. Additionally, leave the doors ajar for air flow and take advantage of the space inside to store additional items.

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