Today is Sunday October 21, 2018


Boxes that are ‘Packed by Owner’

Many people who are moving want to save money wherever they can. Doing your own packing can save you
money if done properly. However, keep in mind that the moving valuation protection offered by moving companies doesn’t cover damage to items PBO (Packed By Owner) unless there is obvious damage to the container caused by the mover’s negligence. Movers can refuse to transport boxes you packed yourself if:

The box is not durable The box’s contents are packaged inappropriately (fragile items not protected). If you have especially fragile or valuable items to pack, you may want your mover to handle the task – doing so will likely be worth the added cost. If the box contains hazardous items. Hazardous items include firearms, fuel and paint. So before beginning to pack, make sure you know the rules and terms of contract of any mover you hire.


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