Today is Saturday September 21, 2019


Your Pet’s Travel Kit

If you decide to move by car, make sure you take the necessary precautions when traveling with your pet! Be organized and create a travel kit for your pet that includes the following so that it handles the move like a trooper.

  • Your pet’s normal food. Changing a pet’s food can temporarily cause digestive problems and your pet may already experience stomach issues due to the stress of the move. Bring extra food in case the trip takes longer than expected.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Litter and box for cats and scooper and elimination bags for dogs.
  • Medications. Make sure to bring extra in case the trip takes longer than expected.
  • Bring pet’s health certificate, proof of current rabies vaccination and any other vaccinations required in the area to which you are moving.
  • Toys and pet’s favorite blanket to make them feel more secure.
  • Grooming supplies.
  • Leash.
  • ID tags with your new address and phone and at least one other number, such as a cell phone.
  • Bring a jug for drinking water.
  • Carry a current photo of your pet in case it gets lost. It will make it much easier to find with a photo.



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